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London, United Kingdom
Sexual orientation
Breast size
166 cm
66 Kg
joi, cei, mistress, bigass, milf, domme, fetish, femdom, tease, pussy, cockrating, hugenipples, cocktease, controlling, nudity, seductress, maneater

100% British Goddess/Dominatrix/Professional Tease/The Ultimate Seductress
Welcome, my name is Goddess Allexandra.
For as long as I can remember, I have always had power over men.
I love controlling your cock, showing off my body, stealing your hearts, and taking your money. Why wouldn’t I use my natural talent to my advantage?!
I adore using my face, voice and beautiful body to leave men completely drained.

I only log in when I'm in the mood, meaning I am 100% ready to devour your soul.
This is genuinely very enjoyable to me. I love draining balls and wallets.

Big Cock Lover. Mean controlling gf. Manipulative British Beauty. Homewrecker.

Non Nude-Topless--Nudity-- $5 Per Min (Pay Per Min) Good boys and real men with manners will be rewarded.
PrePay sessions available. Please book the time you need. Check out Prepay tab

The Succubus is a demon in female form. It appears in dreams to seduce men, through sexual activity. She seeks to consume your soul through your cock.

Please read
Sessions range from femdom to tease!
Dominant roles only, never submission on my part. I am here to use you, drain you, and consume your soul.
Quality over quantity.

Video Call Prices-PayPerMin
Limited time Only $5/Min Non-Nude-Topless--Nudity. Good boys and real men with manners will be rewarded.

Requests for PayPerMin
Outfit change/footwear- For PayPerMin I will change during your calls, if you have a request.
Specific Camera angle- This can be requested during a PayPerMin call.

Video Call Prices-PrePay
Pre-Pay 5 Min Quicky
$25 Non Nude
$30 Topless
$45 Fully Nude

Pre-Pay 10+ Only $5/Min
Non-Nude all session lengths.
Topless available on 6-10 Minute bookings.
Full Nudity available on 11+ Minute bookings (up to full nudity only)
An outfit suggestion is included in a Prepay session (except for leather/PVC)

Other Temptations
Texting (just text) $2.49 (Five Min Minimum)
Texting with Video clips $5.99 per min (Ten Min Minimum)
Slave Tasks $25 for one. $40 for two.

Highly addictive
Very arousing
Will alter brain function and cause spontaneous boners.

Please quote the word “Weakness" when contacting.


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